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Solidata Ltd. is based in Chester-le-Street in the North-East of England and provides database and website solutions to small and medium sized companies. Since our inception at the start of the millennium, Solidata has been supplying and supporting mortgage brokers, financial advisers, estate agencies, packagers and others involved in the financial services industry with our Solidata Mortgage Tracker™ software package. The software is available to sole traders, small companies for use on their internal network or the online version accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Our web based solution for Pension Advisers is the Salary Sacrifice Calculator which allows the adviser to calculate and illustrate the additional contributions to personal pensions at no additional cost to the employee or employer.

The salary sacrifice software has been updated for the new 2018/2019 tax year bands and allowances (Excludes Scottish Taxpayers). Users can now register for either a 12 month or 3 month period of time.

Salary Sacrifice Update
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