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Data Import
Solidata Client To quick start your use of our system we have the included the facility to import your client details directly into your database.

To obtain the best use of our system all fields on the spreadsheet should be completed in the correct format. Alternatively highlighted fields with a *star next to the column heading are the minimum fields that are required for a successful import.

If the is no data in any of the required fields then the whole of that record for the client will be ignored by the import tool. For example if there is no Employer Voluntary Contribution (EVC) then a zero should be entered to include that client record into the import.

Before import the spreadsheet should be Ďsaved así a CSV file format with any name as long as you can navigate to itís location using the SalSac import tool.

Separate spreadsheets need to be used for each different user of the application as you will be prompted for the name of the user during the import process. Any mistakes can be rectified after import by a Gold level user allocating the correct user to the client.

We recommend viewing the 'Data Import' one minute tutorial video below which shows the exact procedure for importing your clients into your database:

Data Import - One Minute Tutorial

Download the import spreadsheet:

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