Solidata Salary Sacrifice Calculator

SalSac Features
Our Salary Sacrifice Calculator and database are available to use online giving you the freedom to work from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet. Each user within your company has their own unique login username and password and is allocated a user level of gold, silver or bronze.

  • GOLD level users have full access to our system and can add new users as well as view, add and edit all clients, clients employers and illustrations for all users working for that company.

  • SILVER level users can view, add and edit all clients, employers and illustrations for their own clients and clients’ employers.

  • BRONZE level users can view their own clients’ data read-only.

Data Import
To quick start your use of our system we have included the facility to import your client details directly into your database. Please vist our Data Import page for more information on this functionality.

Data Export
Export all of your client illustrations calculations to an excel spreadsheet. Filter your data before export or in excel after export.

Database Options
Our software consists of several database sections where you can store information about your clients, clients’ employers, your own company and users of the application. Navigation through your database is easily managed via the menu on each screen and the number of records on display can be increased or decreased by the users.

Work Smarter
The database has many search, sort and filter options enabling the user to find what they are looking for quickly and effectively. Illustrations for salary sacrifice clients are stored in the database for printing or retrieval at a later date.

Personalised Illustrations
Each salary sacrifice illustration comes with a ‘before and after’ sample payslip and a cover letter which can be printed onto your own headed paper. The illustrations and sample payslip can be personalised by uploading your own company logo.

Employer National Insurance Contributions
Our SalSac software allows you to select on a client by client basis how much of the Employer NIC the employer wants to retain from the reduction made by salary sacrifice. There is a report to show by how much the employer will benefit, by retaining some or even all of the savings made monthly and annually. The report also shows the maximum amount of NIC that can be saved for each client.

Print or Save?
The reports can be printed directly from our system or saved as PDF documents onto your own pc and viewed and printed at any time.

Tax Updates
Each time the Chancellor of the Exchequer makes changes to taxation and allowances our software will be updated to reflect the changes.

Licences for our software are renewable after 12 months or 3 months depending on your previous subscription period.

We Listen
If you would like to see additional functionality and changes then please let us have your suggestions.
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