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Solidata Client For Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) and Pension Advisers - our Salary Sacrifice Calculator software is a secure online database website/application that makes it easy to create and present a salary sacrifice (salary exchange) scheme to your clients enabling them to benefit from an increased monthly personal pension contribution. After the scheme is put into place a pension contribution increase of up to 34% is possible even though the actual 'take-home' pay for the client and costs to their employer remain exactly the same.

The additional pension contribution is obtained by savings made on National Insurance contributions by the employer and employee. The growth from the additional contributions enables your clients to benefit from a potentially large increase in their lump sum and pension benefits when they reach retirement age.

Build into the system is the option for the employer to pass on all of their employer national insurance savings to your clients pension contribution or to retain some or all of it for themselves.

The system can be accessed online from your office or home computer or even on your iphone. Why not give it a try today?

PDF examples produced using our system are available to download from the examples page or by viewing our Salary Sacrifice User Guide.

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